About Japan IR Association
  • ご挨拶Greetings


    IR (integrated resort including casinos) is a new industry for Japan, and Japan IR Association is engaged in activities aimed at maximizing the economic and social value and potential of IR in Japan and shaping an industry that contributes widely to the local community in Japan.

  • Japan IR Associationの理念Japan IR Association’s philosophy


    Japan IR Association is engaged in activities for the realization and development of the IR industry in Japan.

  • 協会概要Outline of the Association


    Japan IR Association is a non-profit organization which provides opportunities fairly, and neutrally through participation in the association through its membership and activity partnerships.

  • 組織・運営体制Organization


    Japan IR Association operates various activities and the “Membership” and “Activity Partner System” belonging to the Association with the support of knowledge and cooperation of the external advisory.